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Bactericidal algaecide(WS B-401d)

WS B-401d is a new generation of safe and versatile sterilization and disinfection algaecide. It is highly efficient and broad-spectrum, non-irritating, environmentally safe and non-toxic. It not only has excellent killing effect on various kinds of algae, but also has the functions of fungicidal spores, killing viruses, etc., and has high killing efficiency and instant appearance. After killing,

◇ Features and uses:

   WS B-401d is a new generation of safe and versatile sterilization and disinfection algaecide. It is highly efficient and broad-spectrum, non-irritating, environmentally safe and non-toxic. It not only has excellent killing effect on various kinds of algae, but also has the functions of fungicidal spores, killing viruses, etc., and has high killing efficiency and instant appearance. After killing, the residue attached to the surface needs to be cleaned and discharged.

   The active ingredient of the medicament has good biodegradability, no residue, environmental protection, safety and non-toxicity (no cancer, no teratogenicity, no mutation), and low cost of use. Does not interact with ammonia, phenol and unsaturated compounds; pH change has little effect on bactericidal effect, so it is especially suitable for drinking water, swimming pool water, environmental disinfection, deodorization, food processing equipment and medical equipment sterilization, is central air conditioning and fertilizer Plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial circulating cooling water strength for strong killing algaecide.

◇Technical requirements:

   Appearance: white powder;

   PH: 6.0 - 7.0;

   Density (20 ° C) g / cm3: 0.63 ± 0.10

◇ How to use:

   According to the growth of algae, 15-20mg/L is added every 2-3 days in summer, every 3-5 days in spring and autumn, and every 5-7 days in winter. Or add 3 kg of water per 1000 cubic meters per hour per week or two weeks.

◇WS B-401d is compared with a brand of biocide:

Contrast contentWS B-401d killing algaecidea brand of biocide
Environmental safetyWS B-401d is a safe and versatile disinfectant with high efficiency, broad spectrum, non-toxic, non-irritating, environmentally safe (no carcinogenic, no teratogenic, no mutation)Although it is highly efficient and broad-spectrum, it may contain toxic substances, irritant, and non-environmentally safe (carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic)
effectIt has high efficiency to kill general microorganisms, fungus robes, viruses, etc. At 20mg/L, the sterilization rate reaches 99%.Can only kill general microorganisms
AdaptationWide range of applications and water quality, pH changes have little effect on bactericidal effectApplicable places and water quality range are small.
The costThe cost of using the drug is lower than other biocidesOther biocides are cheaper, but the total cost of use is higher.
SecurityWS B-401d is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and it is not harmful to the health of operators.It may contain huge toxicity, which is directly harmful to the life and health of the operator and causes serious damage to the environment.
Storage timeThe storage period is two years. Stable performance, the effective ingredient decreased by less than 1% within half a year after drying under dry conditions. Storage below 120 °C will not deteriorate and will not burn.Storage period is half a year or one year

◇Security protection:

   It is irritating to the skin and eyes. Pay attention to labor protection during operation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Rinse with plenty of water after contact.

◇Packing and storage:

   5 kg bag or 25 kg bag. (or according to user needs)

Store in a cool, dry place indoors, moisture-proof, and prevent exposure to sunlight, avoid direct sunlight, and store for two years.